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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. ~Marcel Proust
Knowledge-leveraging Practices & Communities
e-Knowledge evolves knowledge-leveraging practices with the communities that embody them. Knowledge-leveraging practices and communities — where practitioners think and act together to transform information and experience into insights and insights into products, services and competencies — enhance an organization's ability to live in change and thus, to continue to deliver value in the midst of uncertainty, paradox, complexity and the unknown. Knowledge-leveraging practices and communities engage the fullness of our human ability to learn, create, change. Thus, e-Knowledge adds value to knowledge-leveraging initiatives primarily by participating — as co-learner and empathic provocateur — in the journey of optimizing organizational performance. Specific services include:
  • assessing an organization's knowledge base (its "common sense" shaping its decisions and practices);
  • identifying and seeding communities that upgrade and leverage knowledge strategic to business strategy and core competencies;
  • creating and implementing online collaboration environments to support communities of practice, e-learning, virtual teams;
  • developing database-driven solutions to complement face-to-face services as well as administrative, fundraising, marketing and evaluative functions;
  • offering the full range of "Internet presence" services: web hosting, domain name registration, e-commerce, SSL certificates, Internet marketing.
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